A whole new interactive experience!

An interactive channel for consumers…

The potential buyer sees a product he likes in a magazine, outdoor, store or anywhere

He scans the product by using our adAlive APP

adAlive automatically searches and displays the options available for that product at the moment

  • Related products
  • Videos
  • Social media pages to like
  • Customer Service contact
  • Updated price
  • Surveys
  • Nearest store for purchase
  • and MORE….

A management platform for the suppliers

Information about who didn’t buy your product YET!

Centralized online
APP behavior control

Management of:
Actions within campaigns


Real time knowledge on:
Who, where and what are the consumers searching and doing

Complete database with the consumer’s profile to help guide your strategies!

Why is that important?

Because, usually, you have the buyers profile.
Now you’ll have access to the interest of consumers, before and after they buy it!

adAlive is ready to give life to advertising by building an interactive communication channel between the market and your product!

Consumer x Product relationship data maintained throughout the whole product’s life cycle!

Give life to
published material!

Centralized on-line management

adAlive is the platform you were waiting for!

A lot of management possibilities

Online and direct relationship
with the costumers

Detailed information allowing analysis and strategic decision making

Implementation of targeted and
specific actions

Effective measurement of
ROI of every campaign

With adAlive you’ll have access to new and important data that can improve your commercial strategies in many levels!

Detailed information about what really matters!


Everything ON-LINE!!!

All consumer actions are centered and
monitored by adAlive in real time

Database with consumer interests, demographic data and precise client identification


With adAlive you’ll be able to follow up on consumers behavior and create campaigns according to their expectations

Furthermore, the platform allows

Information and central
online management

Integration with its others
advertising channels

360º monitoring possibilities

Better customer
experiences for its clients

Get closer to your market and build a strong connection with your customers by this new and simple experience

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